Delivery & Shipping Contract Bid Services

Since 1995, GB International Packing Services has specialized in military spec packing and export packing and shipping. The safety and confidentiality of shipments is our number one priority; whatever the environmental conditions, from mild to severe, we will get our shipments through, guaranteed. Hazardous shipments are outsourced to our special packer who certifies the shipments for us and our customers. We are committed to bringing products and supplies to any destination. International or domestic, our team of professionals will ship to any location with discretion and care.

We help first time government contractors, aiding them in bidding their products for sale to various government buying activities. Every step of the way, we guide new contractors through the correct procedures and lead them to a successful working relationship. We make sure they are CCR registered and compliant with the government buying activity. For those who do not wish to deal with the government, but still want to sell their product, we will get the bids and quotes under our name with their help. If successful, we let them supply us. We do all the work, so our customers can enjoy the benefits of working with the government, without the hassle.

We know the ins and outs of contract and bid services for government contractors, and work diligently to bring your products to the ends of the earth, and back. For more information about our services, please contact GB International Packing Services today.