Global Export Shipping & Packaging Services

Export and Overseas Shipping Services
For over 40 years, GBIPS has been in the forefront of developing innovative ways to protect our customer’s goods entrusted to us for export shipping from our Harrisburg, PA location. Whether the final destination is a modern city or some remote jungle or desert, each job is custom engineered. Looking at a variety of different situations like how long the ocean voyage is, how long before the product is opened for use and the climate conditions makes the process easier for our customers giving them peace of mind. Utilizing this information, we then determine the best way to pack deliver the customers’ shipments overseas. Export packing requires a considerably smaller level of investment than other modes of international expansion for businesses and products. Business leaders have a much higher level of operational control with exporting packages overseas.

GBIPS is a service-connected disabled veteran-owned business who works very closely with military operations. In turn we’ve become a major player in the military shipping field, as well as supplier of tactical and general items that the Navy buys from us. Military shipping from our Harrisburg, PA warehouse supplies major defense depots throughout the world. For additional information on exporting packages for military shipping check out our mil-spec packaging page for requirements and regulations.

Take advantage of our exporting packing by giving us a call, and we’ll be happy to assist with additional information and answers to questions. We also have a design department to offer specific requirements for any type of shipping desire, whether local or international.