Warehousing & Logistics

International warehousing storage at GB International Packing Services allows customers to control their shipment from packaging to destination all under one roof. We are a project consolidation point for several importers and exporters using international shipping services. For clients we receive, inspect and pack hold for a container load while also handling contract forwarding services and delivering packages to dock for shipment. Although GBIPS started in 1995, the company has a history dating back to 1944. With many years of experience there are very few situations and issues we cannot handle or solve. Manufacturers, wholesalers and transport businesses take advantage of our warehousing management in our Harrisburg, PA location. Warehouse management and logistics monitors the progress of products through the warehouse including organization, tracking systems and communication between product locations.

Today the complexity of production logistics can be copied, analyzed and optimized by software, but is constantly changing. Our experts and experience allows us to adapt to changes and make adjustments on worldwide shipping services and military shipping in order to provide exceptional service and timely deliveries. We are a complete one-stop-shop for military spec packing as well as commercial and export packing and shipping. Let us make it easy for all the parties involved by handling and storing items prior to shipment to seeing them through to completion of delivery.

For additional information on our warehousing pricing and storage services please feel free to give us a call and we’ll be happy to assist and answer questions.